The industry’s most undervalued security requirement is events. This, in our opinion, is very different. There are many things to think about when managing crowds, especially crowds spread out over a large area. Because of this, the events team at Kraken Protection Services does not just assign staff for entrance and crowd control purposes. We implement a turnkey approach that is unique to your event. which will cover everything, including Security, emergency procedures, Access to and from the event in cases of emergency or not, crowd control measures, and de-escalation procedures We provide event solutions for a variety of events, whether they are small or large. Whatever the needs, we have the expertise to help with your security requirements.

  • Please see below some of our Event service offerings:
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Access control
  • Crowd control and management protocols (event specific)
  • Event communications
  • Event Health and Safety files
  • JOC compilation files
  • Event security planning
  • Emergency lists and protocols
  • Emergency scenario client training