The Kraken Technical Solutions division team is made up of individuals who excel at what they do, have extensive experience, and are current on the latest developments in industry technology and procedures. The technical teams’ leaders are constantly verifying that the digital brands they use are the best in their respective fields. This enables us to establish stronger relationships with our suppliers and to offer pricing that is competitive with the market.

These supplier partnerships were built by the teams to aid in our ongoing training in the rapidly changing digital industry. The following are some of the digital goods and services that the Kraken technical team can supply and install:

  • Installations and repairs of alarm systems
  • Installation of CCTV cameras

• Installation, repair and maintenance of electrical fencing
• Installation and repair of access control equipment
• CCTV Protection Systems
• Boom Gates
• Perimeter Beams
• Intrusion Alarm Systems
• RFID cards Readers
• Biometric Access
• Tag Systems
• Turnstiles
• Time & Attendance