Kraken Protection Services is a company that was established based on the ideals & passions of visionaries and entrepreneurs alike. The leadership of Kraken Protection Services has a desire to create a safer South Africa through a superior service delivery primarily in the “Physical Services sector”.

Since creation, we have embarked on a journey to satisfy the needs of many South African companies as well as private individuals. Our goals are focused and driven toward – On-site security & safety; risk management; provision of technical services & installation; risk prevention & Personnel.

Our personnel are monitored through constant on-site inspections. The deployment of our security personnel strictly adheres to all PSIRA requirements and can be tailored to the existing systems and processes of the customer’s site, allowing for a more dedicated focus on your individual needs.

Kraken Protection Services continuously strives to create a platform for the security industry to follow & a standard to achieve.


By affording us the opportunity to be your service provider you add to the building blocks of our ultimate vision. Which is to provide the largest off the grid Housing, schooling and Healthy Lifestyle village.


To create a lifestyle and a mind set that creates a legacy to learn (educate), dedicate and live a healthy life style. And more importantly that the legacy is passed on for generations


By creating a sustainable and healthy working environment, which socially and ethically provides stability through the lineage. Passing on the correct mentality in lifestyle, work ethic and self growth.


Our mission is to live up to our vision through the protection of people, companies, property and their assets. By creating a business model we provide a service which clients invest in. Clients not only help obtain our vision but they play an intricate role.